Our Top 5 Picks of Free CM13 Themes to Beautify your Phone

  • Yuzu 

CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM which is available for most of the Android phones out there. One of the great features of this ROM is its CMTE(CyanogenMod Theme Engine) in which we apply themes. These themes in CM beautify or revamp the whole UI of the device. Changes in status bar, style, fonts, boot animations, icons and much more helps the phone look more vivid and fluid. There are many CM themes available on the PlayStore but many have not been update to the latest CM13 Marshmallow Template. So, We have made a small list of the best free CM13 themes for you guys. These themes will work on other custom ROMs which have the CMTE(CyanogenMod Theme Engine) built in them.

Our Top 5 Picks of CM13 Themes

Best Free Cm13 Themes

  • Euphoria Dark CM13 Theme

This is one of my favorite CM13 themes. I actually found this from Euphoria OS custom ROM for the oneplus one. It’s a dark theme with sharp colors which makes it easy to view.

euphoria cm13 theme

  • Biohazard

Biohazard is a dark theme with minimal red touch. This theme has custom status bar icons and settings icon to it. This theme also has support for RRO Layers and Substratum as well.

Biohazard cm13 theme

  • Sense 8 for Cm13/12.x

If you have used a HTC Android phone, you know about Sense. This theme makes your phone look like Sense Launcher. It has custom App drawer, statur bar icons and much more.

Sense8 CM13 Theme

  • PitchBlack | DarkRed Cm13/12 Theme

Another theme with combination of black and red. I found this theme when i flashed the Resurrection Remix ROM on my oneplus one.

PitchBlack CM13 Theme

  • Playful Flat Cm12/13 Theme

This is the theme that i’m currently using on my Android phone. Yet Another Dark theme which looks extremely good.

Playful Flat CM13 Theme