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Unmount and Mount USB on Arch Linux

Mount USB arch linux

I looked for a simple solution for (preferably) mount USB Arch Linux (pen drives, external hard drives, etc.). Gnome and other desktop environments do it for you but if you keep things simple with a small window manager (like Awesome or wmfs) you need to set it up by yourself. ...

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How to get your Android Device’s Build Fingerprint

termux nexux 5x build fingerprint

The build fingerprint of an Android Device or OS is a string that uniquely identifies this build which should be in human-readable form. These fingerprints are found in the /system/build.prop file on any Android phones. There are various ways to look at your Android phone’s build fingerprint. One way would ...

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How to Install Yaourt and Use it to Install packages in Arch Linux

install yaourt in arch linux

Yaourt is a user repository tool. An acronym for Yet An Other User Repository Tool. Today we are going to install yaourt arch Linux. Yaourt is a frontend Pacman with more features and AUR support.It includes easy access to the Arch User Repository. Yaourt allows the user to automate package compilation and installation from the thousands ...

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How to Install AOSiP Nougat ROM on the OnePlus One

AOSiP ROM on the oneplus one

Oneplus one known for its developer support has many custom ROMs developed or being developed for this old device. One of the Best ROM for our bacon that’s known for its stability, features and performance is AOSiP a.k.a Android Open Source illusion Project.  AOSiP ROM is a CAF based custom ROM, twisted ...

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Easy way to unlock disable iphone

itunes fix

Unlock Disabled iPhone Unlock disabled iPhone or iPad. You will lose data (contact and picture).  Be ready to recover them from a copy you made previously on a PC or Mac or iCloud. Step1: Open iTunes (On a PC or Mac) . Step2:  First of all, Turn off your iPhone. ...

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How to Remove LineageOS inbuilt Root System Permanently

Lineage OS, the continuation of CyanogenMod has also inherited all of the features of CyanogenMod ROM. The CM’s inbuilt Root System ” Privacy Guard ” is one of them which lets you have root access to your devices without third party Apps like Chainfire’s Supersu and other Superuser Apps. This was very ...

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