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How to Install Yaourt and Use it to Install packages in Arch Linux

install yaourt in arch linux

Yaourt is a user repository tool. An acronym for Yet An Other User Repository Tool. Today we are going to install yaourt arch Linux. Yaourt is a frontend Pacman with more features and AUR support.It includes easy access to the Arch User Repository. Yaourt allows the user to automate package compilation and installation from the thousands …

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Best Camera Apps iPhone Device 2017

Best Camera Apps for iPhone Devices 2017

First of all iPhone photographers use a ton of editing software. A lot of them actually use a different camera applications that provides a little more control over the stock camera. Now while the photographer using these best camera apps iPhone 2017 definitely affects the outcome of the shot, these …

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Jailbreak iOS: Everything you need to know about Jailbreak

iOS Jailbreak

All about Jailbreak Jailbreak iOS: Apple doesn’t like jailbreaking, and they go out of their way to make it more difficult. Jailbreakers work to make jailbreak iOS possible before Apple blocks their latest tricks. What is jailbreak iOS? The process of installing additional software on iDevice to remove the restrictions …

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Top 10 Best Smartphones of 2017

A top high and cell phone whether it’s Android or iOS these are the top 10 best smarts phones available now on the market. Top Smartphones with huge capacity are available now. Are you thinking to buy a new smartphones? Top Smartphones of 2017 Let’s have a look! 10: Lenovo P2T The …

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Easy way to unlock disable iphone

itunes fix

Unlock Disabled iPhone Unlock disabled iPhone or iPad. You will lose data (contact and picture).  Be ready to recover them from a copy you made previously on a PC or Mac or iCloud. Step1: Open iTunes (On a PC or Mac) . Step2:  First of all, Turn off your iPhone. …

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